Welcome to the Manchester Postcolonial Studies Group pages, where you will be able to stay in touch with up-to-date information on our activities.

Based at the University of Manchester, the Group is a postgraduate-led initiative with main activities revolving around monthly reading group meetings to discuss key texts in postcolonial theory, culture, and literature. The sessions are themed per semester, but selected readings are varied and range across the disciplines. No prior knowledge is assumed and readings will be briefly introduced at the start of each session. A number of summaries of reading group sessions exemplify how discussions relate to chosen themes and to previous debate.

The group additionally runs an Atelier series, designed to fit around reading group themes. Atelier series events are structured as friendly, roundtable discussions of work-in-progress by established academics within and beyond the University of Manchester. Members of the group have also organised special film screenings and co-hosted ‘meet the author’ events.

All are welcome!

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